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Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan promises equal opportunities for entrepreneurs


In a commitment to fostering economic equality and generating more job opportunities, presidential candidate Anies Baswedan engaged in a dialogue with leaders from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) in Jakarta on Thursday. Anies, as quoted by the Antara news agency, expressed his dedication to creating equal and sustainable development by providing equal growth opportunities for business owners.

An integral part of Anies’s presidential vision is the introduction of the “One Economy” (Satu Perekonomian) program, designed to address disparities and promote an inclusive economic landscape. The program comprises two key steps, with the initial focus on establishing a business-friendly environment. Anies outlined plans to enhance legal certainty, facilitate long-term planning, and simplify permitting processes to create a conducive atmosphere for business growth.

The second step of the initiative aims to alleviate living costs and generate employment opportunities. Anies envisions achieving this by strengthening food governance and undertaking the development of 40 cities to serve as robust economic centers.

“I met numerous individuals in various regions,” Anies remarked. “They mentioned high living and production costs.” Through the implementation of the One Economy initiative, Anies aims to achieve balanced economic growth, open job opportunities, affordable logistics, legal certainty, and a streamlined bureaucracy.

The overarching goal is not only economic development but also an improvement in Indonesia’s Human Development Index (HDI). Anies emphasized the crucial role of Kadin, attributing three strategic roles to the Chamber in the nation’s economic development. Kadin is envisioned as a strategic partner to the government in driving business activities, a promoter of industry progress at national and international levels, and a catalyst for propelling national and regional economies forward.

As Anies Baswedan unfolds his economic agenda, the One Economy program stands as a cornerstone for achieving economic equality, job creation, and sustainable development across Indonesia. The proposed measures aim to address challenges faced by business owners and citizens alike, paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous economic future.


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