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Botim revolutionizes UAE remittances to China


Astra Tech, MENA’s leading consumer technology holding group, is set to redefine the global fintech landscape with a groundbreaking partnership with Tencent Financial Technology, to introduce cross-border remittances from Botim’s users in the UAE to Weixin users in China. This collaboration eliminates traditional boundaries, enabling  PayBy-powered Botim users to make international transfers via Botim messenger platform directly to over 1 billion Weixin users, offering unprecedented access to one of the world’s most dynamic markets.  

Together with the exclusive ShareLink feature on Weixin, users can effortlessly notify recipients with one click after each remittance. Recipients in China can easily receive funds through Weixin messages, monitor remittance status, and choose to receive funds using Weixin Wallet Balance or bank cards linked to Weixin Pay.

Facilitating cross-border remittances within Botim Ultra App to Weixin marks a monumental milestone in user convenience and the realm of cross-border transactions. This collaboration simplifies international remittances, eliminates app-switching inconveniences, reduces friction, and enhances user satisfaction. 

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Co-Founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim, stated, “Our partnership with Tencent Financial Technology is a testament to the boundless potential of technology and our shared vision of empowering users globally. By bridging continents and enabling seamless financial interactions, we pioneer a new era of cross-platform financial inclusion. This also elevates UAE’s status as a global tech and finance powerhouse, reaffirming our commitment to simplifying our users’ everyday experience.”

Royal Chen, Vice President of Tencent Financial Technology, said: “Partnering with Botim marks an important milestone in our journey to enhance the global cross-border remittance experience, which is to make sending remittance as easy as sending a message while ensuring that transactions are safe, secure and compliant. By connecting Botim and Weixin users together through remittance and messenger functions, it creates a unique remittance experience across the two platforms.” 

In regions where traditional banking services face limitations, this integration paves the way for financial inclusion, making financial transactions more accessible and cost-effective. It empowers Botim users without traditional bank accounts to conduct financial transactions with ease, promoting accessibility and empowerment.

This collaboration is not only a significant milestone in the digital realm but also closely aligns with UAE’s vision of becoming one of the world’s most sought-after destinations and a global hub for finance and business. It showcases two of the world’s most comprehensive digital platforms on a global scale, setting a benchmark for cross-border digital integration and transforming the landscape of digital communication.


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