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Understanding Taiwan’s Employment Gold Card


What is Taiwan’s Employment Gold Card?

The Employment Gold Card is a unique resident and work visa launched by The National Development Council of Taiwan for highly skilled foreign professionals in Taiwan. It grants streamlined visa processing, work rights, and other permits and benefits. To be eligible, individuals must meet specific criteria like qualifications, work experience, and salary requirements.

Work Permit: Allows cardholders to freely seek employment, be employed anytime, be employed to a part-time job legally, and freely switch between jobs.

Resident Visa: The visa enables qualified foreign professionals to reside and work in Taiwan for over 180 days.

Re-entry permit: The permit allows unlimited entry and exit from Taiwan without the need for additional visa applications. With a validity of up to three years, this permit offers convenience and flexibility for foreign professionals in Taiwan.

Alien Resident Certificate: ARC is an identification card proving you can legally live in Taiwan while also providing access to healthcare and educational services.

Qualification for the 2023 IR Employment Gold Card

To be determined by an assessment of the applicant’s professional skill. The applicant does not need to have a job in Taiwan secured already.

Industries eligible for application (check links for specific requirements)


Culture & Arts





National Defense


Science & Technology


Benefits and Privileges of Holding the IR Employment Gold Card

1. Unrestricted career opportunities

One of the benefits of holding a Gold Card in Taiwan is the open work permit it provides. This means that individuals can freely seek jobs in Taiwan without the need for prior recruitment or sponsorship from a potential employer.

2. Conditionally eligible to apply for a 50% tax exemption

If certain conditions are met, Gold Card holders may be eligible for a 50% tax exemption on their annual salary for incomes exceeding NT$ 3 million for the first five years.

3. Apply for permanent residency while obtaining a doctorate degree

Another advantage is that after three years, Gold Card holders can apply for permanent residency, and obtaining a doctorate degree in Taiwan counts towards one of the required years.

4. Join Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System

Gold Card holders and their dependent relatives may join Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System after a mandatory six-month waiting period. Those with employment or have set up their own businesses may join directly. These benefits make the Gold Card a highly desirable option for those looking to work and live in Taiwan.

How can Foreigners Apply for the 2023 IR Employment Gold Card?

Familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria and gather the necessary documents. Submit your application online or through an authorized agency, and be prepared for an interview. Once you receive the result, understand the benefits and privileges of being a Gold Card holder.


1. Qualification Check

2. Online Application

a. Registration: Creating an account

b. Fill-in Information: Passport, ARC, and Visa Status

c. Upload Necessary Documents (Chinese or English)

i. Passport

ii. Color photo (white background)

iii. Supporting documents (based on qualification)

iv. Additional verification (if from Hong Kong, Macau, or the Mainland area)

d. Payment & E-mail Confirmation

3. Post Application: Bring the following to pick up your Gold Card


b. Application Receipt

c. ARC

d. Original Passport

e. Affidavit (if not picked up in your person)


USD$100 ~ USD$310 depends on nationality and validity duration.

Application Duration

Typically 4 to 8 weeks

For more detailed information on each aspect of the card, refer to Taiwan Employment Gold Card official website.

Source: Startup Taiwan Island


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