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Malaysian Prime Minister Unveils Ambitious Plans to Elevate Startup Ecosystem and Digital Identity Platform


Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has unveiled a comprehensive plan to bolster the country’s burgeoning startup ecosystem and accelerate the launch of a cutting-edge digital identity platform reports Biometricupdate.com.

Ibrahim’s announcement came with a strong emphasis on expediting the National Digital Identity Development Project (IDN), which falls under the purview of the National Registration Department, according to sources cited by Thaiger. The IDN represents a revolutionary user-controlled digital identification and verification system leveraging biometrics to authenticate individuals against a centralized government database.

Initially introduced in late 2021, the IDN had set its sights on a 2024 launch date, marking a significant leap towards enhancing digital services and security within the nation.

Once fully realized, the IDN will emerge as a cornerstone in Malaysia’s digital landscape, offering robust capabilities for verifying personal information and facilitating streamlined access to essential services. Prime Minister Ibrahim affirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to advancing the digitalization of the public sector, ensuring sustainable digital progress, and propelling the nation’s digital transformation agenda forward.

Prime Minister Ibrahim articulated, “The implementation of this IDN is one of the flagship initiatives encompassed within the Public Sector Digital Transformation Core outlined in Malaysia’s Digital Economy Blueprint. This aligns seamlessly with the Madani Economy’s vision to elevate Malaysia’s stature as a prominent Asian economic leader while concurrently enhancing the well-being of our citizens.”

In addition to the ambitious digital identity project, the government is set to roll out a groundbreaking “single window” initiative, aimed at streamlining operations and fostering enhanced collaboration among various agencies within the burgeoning startup ecosystem.

The overarching goal is to position Malaysia as a formidable contender among the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems by the year 2030, with a particular focus on transforming Kuala Lumpur into a thriving digital and startup hub. Ibrahim’s vision also includes the establishment of a remarkable 5,000 startups by the year 2025, with over a dozen government agencies actively contributing across an array of sectors ranging from financing to marketing.

The unveiling of these ambitious initiatives underscores Malaysia’s commitment to cultivating an innovation-friendly environment, bolstering digital infrastructure, and propelling the nation into the forefront of the global digital landscape. As these plans are set into motion, all eyes will be on Malaysia as it embarks on this transformative journey towards a digital-driven future.


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