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Indian Drone Startup Forges Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Mineral Exploration in Indonesia


In a groundbreaking move set to transform the landscape of mineral exploration in Indonesia, Squadrone Infra & Mining Pvt. Ltd, a cutting-edge startup specializing in aerial intelligence for mineral exploration, mining, tunnelling, and infrastructure, has announced a strategic partnership with PT. Tunas Artha group and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Central), Indonesia.

The collaboration between these industry leaders aims to introduce advanced drone-based technologies into Indonesia’s mining sector, specifically targeting geophysical surveys for prospecting and exploration of critical minerals like Nickel, Gold, Bauxite, Coal, and more. Central to this partnership will be the deployment of Squadrone’s state-of-the-art ‘magarrow’ and GPR technologies, enabling efficient and precise mapping of mineral deposits both shallow and deep-seated, with capabilities reaching depths of up to 1000 to 1500 meters below ground level. This revolutionary solution empowers geologists, geophysicists, and researchers to conduct comprehensive studies in previously inaccessible areas, promising to revolutionize mineral discoveries while enhancing environmental sustainability.

Cyriac Joseph, Founder and CEO of Squadrone Infra and Mining Pvt. Ltd, expressed immense enthusiasm for the company’s entry into Indonesia with the deployment of their cutting-edge technology for mineral prospecting and exploration. He emphasized that this milestone development represents a significant advancement for Squadrone Infra & Mining. The technology will enable geologists, geophysicists, and researchers to conduct comprehensive strata studies and discover new minerals and green fields, especially in hard-to-reach and environmentally sensitive areas. The ‘Magarrow’ & GPR technology’s low ecological impact heralds a paradigm shift in the industry, fostering a more sustainable and responsible approach to mining.

Kalimantan Island, renowned for its rich and diverse ecosystems, presents unique challenges to traditional mining surveys due to its remote and difficult terrain. However, with the deployment of Squadrone’s ‘Magarrow’ and GPR technologies, an innovative and groundbreaking solution emerges that allows geophysical surveying without causing harm to the region’s delicate ecology or necessitating extensive human intervention.

Tugiyo Wiratmodjo, President Director of Tunas Artha Group and Special Secretary of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Central), lauded the significant benefits of this partnership for mineral and coal exploration in Indonesia, particularly in forested regions. He emphasized that the technology will facilitate exploration without damaging the environment, demonstrating the commitment of all parties involved to ensure environmentally responsible mining practices.

The strategic partnership between Squadrone Infra & Mining Pvt. Ltd, PT. Tunas Artha group, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Central), Indonesia, heralds a new era in mineral exploration for the nation. By leveraging cutting-edge drone-based technologies and environmentally conscious approaches, this collaboration is poised to unlock the full potential of Indonesia’s mineral resources while preserving its natural heritage for generations to come.


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