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VC Antler commits to investing into 30+ Indonesian startups in 2023

Early stage VC Antler, in a recent statement said that it will continue its commitment to support aspiring founders and early-stage teams by providing backing from day zero along with a goal to invest in over 30 Indonesian startups in 2023. Since, 2022 it has invested in 25 local startups since launching here in 2022.

Their portfolio consists of companies from 16 different industries which are solving challenging problems in Indonesia. Some of their investment include Brick, healthtech with CareNow and Healthpro, and edtech with Academix and Eduku.

It would be launching 10-week founder residency program in the Jakarta and start accepting applications.

Investing from “day zero,” Antler helps founders form teams, develop their ideas, and secure initial capital. Last year, the firm received 4,000-applications for its inaugural Indonesian program.

Since being established in 2018, Antler has invested in and helped build 750-startups, and set up offices in 25-markets across six continents.

“Our companies scale faster thanks to our mentoring, truly global community of founders, advisors and investors, as well as our local presence in 25+ markets we operate in,” said Markus Bruderer, Partner at Antler Indonesia.

Kanta Nandana, Antler Indonesia Program Director said, the firm’s mission is to support founders from the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey.

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