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Viction Horizon – A Startup Hackathon with over $300,000 in prizes


The official Submission form for Viction Horizon Startup Hackathon is now open from December 4th to December 27th, 2023. This ultimate playground for startups and aspiring developers are in their most exciting stage ever.

Overview about Viction Horizon

Viction Horizon is a Startup Hackathon designed for developers, creators, innovators, and visionaries around the globe. The mission is to unlock human potential by transforming innovative ideas into successful startups within the Viction ecosystem.
Thanh Le, Council member at Viction Foundation and Co-founder of Ninety Eight, emphasized, “Our goal extends beyond simply identifying winners; we aim to discover projects that have the potential to make significant contributions to the Web3 industry and, more importantly, to human potential.”

Extensive benefits for winning teams

The benefits of participating in Viction Horizon – Startup Hackathon extends beyond just the prizes from the competition.
The $300,000 prize pool will be distributed as C98 tokens in two main categories: Main Track and Category Track. The Category Track includes smaller categories such as Social, Gaming, Payment, Stablecoin, and DeFi, each offering first, second, and third prizes for participants.
Furthermore, 8 winning teams (3 prize winners from the Main Track and the 1st prize winner from each of the 5 Category Tracks) will receive exclusive benefits, including the “Viction Horizon – Victory Expedition,” which offers travel grants to Vietnam and networking activities sponsored by Arche Fund.
The most valuable benefit is the opportunity for fundraising, where participants can enter the Online Pitching round to present their ideas and introduce their projects to Arche Fund.

Valuable mentoring and support from industry leaders

With a lineup of 20+ experienced advisors, judges, and speakers from Viction Horizon, including founders and experts from renowned organizations like Ninety Eight, BTSE, DWFLabs, Layer Zero, Amazon Web Services, and AltLayer, participants will gain valuable insights from the blockchain industry and receive guidance at every stage of project implementation.

Furthermore, Viction Horizon has secured generous sponsorships from well-known names in the crypto market, such as BTSE, DWFLabs, AWS, Verichains, Poolz, RockX, BlockPi, Renverse, and Covalent, contributing over $300,000 to the event.
Prior to that, a series of online and offline events were organized to support developers in building Web3 projects. Workshops were conducted in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, providing programming insights, and networking opportunities for builders.
Viction also actively fulfills their mission of education and knowledge-sharing by organizing Unitour visits to universities, spreading the value of Web3 to the talented individuals of the next generation.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation of projects takes into account factors such as their vision, operating model, impact on the Victon ecosystem, implementation quality, and marketing strategy. To be eligible for participation in Viction Horizon, teams must also meet specific requirements, including deploying the project on the Viction blockchain, providing KYC information, being at least 18 years old, and agreeing to the designated terms and conditions.
To submit the project for the competition, directly fill out the form here before December 27th, 2023, or visit Viction Horizon Landing Page for more details.

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