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Bubble Gum X, Jesslyn Ho recieve inspirational brand & Master Entrepreneur Accolades at Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023


Enterprise Asia is thrilled to announce Bubble Gum X Sdn Bhd (Bubble Gum X) as a remarkable winner at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2023 Malaysia. The company has been honored with the prestigious Inspirational Brand Award, recognizing its exceptional brand identity, creative marketing strategies, and positive impact on consumers. In addition, the company’s Founder & Managing Director, Jesslyn Ho, has been bestowed with the revered Master Entrepreneur title, celebrating her visionary leadership, entrepreneurial prowess, and significant contributions to the beauty industry. This dual recognition sets new benchmarks for Bubble Gum X, underscoring its commitment to establishing a new standard of excellence in the market.

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, few entrepreneurs rise above the norm, break barriers, and create something extraordinary. Bubble Gum X Sdn Bhd (Bubble Gum X) was founded by Ms. Jesslyn Ho, who has transformed her dreams into an unstoppable-growing beauty empire. Jesslyn’s vision led her to open the first Bubble Gum Wax outlet in 2011, creating a safe and empowering space where individuals from all walks of life could experience the transformative power of beauty. Bubble Gum X quickly became a symbol of change and inclusivity, shattering the barriers of high costs and redefining beauty standards.

The company quickly grew from a small startup to a flourishing business, touching the lives of countless people. With 31 outlets across Malaysia and four lines of businesses, Bubble Gum X has gained a significant presence, providing employment opportunities for over 200 individuals who share Jesslyn’s passion for beauty and empowerment. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bubble Gum X thrived and maintained strong revenue growth, showcasing its ability to navigate difficult times and emerge stronger than ever.

Despite triumph and disaster, in every business, there are unavoidable challenges such as plagiarism from competitors. In order to overcome those challenges, Bubble Gum X consistently came up with fresh and surprising promotions to sustain and maintain existing customers as well as attract new potential customers across the country. The company believes in after-service satisfaction to ensure that all of its customers are pleasantly satisfied and happy with the service rendered.

“You get what you paid for” is the culture that must be adopted by all of its workers to ensure that its customers are happy with every single penny that they spent for the services. Pre and Post customer services play an important role to ensure that Bubble Gum X’s quality is in the top-tier range as well as maintaining the company’s image holistically.


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