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Taiwan Startup Stadium’s Annual Term Sheet Bootcamp Empowers Startups with Investor Insights and Real-Life Simulations


Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) successfully hosted the annual Term Sheet Bootcamp from May 18th to 19th at the GlobalTown Business Center in Taipei. Building on its remarkable success in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam over the past five years, this two-day fundraising training program, led by experienced venture capitalists, aimed to empower entrepreneurs with fundraising knowledge and skills necessary to foster the growth of their startups.

This year’s Term Sheet Bootcamp welcomed 28 companies and over 45 attendees, including aspiring founders and seasoned startups alike. Throughout the intensive two-day event, participants had the unique opportunity to engage with distinguished investors from JAFCO, BE Health Ventures, ORION Venture Partners, and Mesh Ventures. These investors not only shared their expertise and insights but also provided valuable feedback and guidance to ambitious entrepreneurs during one-on-one office hours.

The highlight of the event was the immersive role-playing sessions led by Kurt Chen, Managing Partner at ORION Venture Partners, and Arthur Chen, Managing Partner at BE Health Venture. Participants were divided into groups to engage in real-life simulations. They were given a chance to replicate authentic term sheet negotiations, and enjoy some energizing exchanges. This dynamic format enabled participants to gain practical insights, refine their negotiation skills, and experience the perspective of venture capitalists. As Arthur remarked, “During the role-playing process, participants come to realize that negotiating a term sheet is about building strong relationships with VCs. Negotiation is not merely a transaction, but rather a collaborative discussion on how both parties can grow together.”

Attendees left the event equipped with practical knowledge, valuable connections, and new friendships, ready to take their ventures to new heights. Taiwan Startup Stadium’s commitment to empowering startups and fostering an ecosystem of innovation was once again highlighted through the resounding success of the Term Sheet Bootcamp.


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