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Taipei City Government Propels Global Startup Influx with “Talent Exchange Programme”


The Taipei City Government’s Department of Economic Development is making bold strides to draw international startups to its vibrant city and foster fruitful collaborations with local businesses through its pioneering “Talent Exchange Programme.”

In a bid to cultivate a dynamic international community of entrepreneurs right in the heart of Taipei, the city has set up the all-new “Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub (TEH).” With 2023 spotlighting the health industry, the department has recently unveiled the highly anticipated “Win A Greater Health” international online startup pitch contest. This momentous event is set to offer selected teams an array of opportunities, including forging technological connections, engaging in fruitful collaborations, and interacting with prominent businesses and esteemed venture capital firms based in Taipei.

Emphasizing the significance of attracting international startup teams equipped with cutting-edge technologies and robust research capabilities, the department aims to facilitate a cooperative transformation and elevate local industries to new heights.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a welcoming haven for international entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe, encouraging them to establish their presence right here in Taipei,” shared a spokesperson from the Department of Economic Development.

The “Win A Greater Health” international startup pitch contest, organized in collaboration with TEH, the Taiwan Digital Health Industry Development Association, BE Health Ventures, and the Taipei Medical University BioMed Accelerator, has already commenced its call for international startup teams to partake in this thrilling competition. Participants can expect an inspiring environment where innovation takes center stage and ambitious ideas have the potential to reshape the landscape of the health industry.

To provide further support and assistance to startups from across the world as they settle into Taipei, the city government has taken an additional step by establishing dedicated offices – “StartUp@Taipei” and “Inves Taipei.” These offices will be the guiding hand for international entrepreneurs navigating the Taipei startup ecosystem, ensuring they receive the resources and aid they require to thrive in this bustling entrepreneurial hub.

With the “Talent Exchange Programme” gaining momentum and the “Win A Greater Health” pitch contest garnering international attention, Taipei stands poised to emerge as a frontrunner in the global startup landscape. As innovation and collaboration take center stage, the city eagerly awaits the arrival of diverse entrepreneurial talent, ready to pave the way for a more prosperous and interconnected future.


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