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Hub71 Startup GLEAC launches World’s First Utility NFT “Lovely Humans”

Abu Dhabi

GLEAC, a Hub71 startup offering a mentorship network to help people apply human skills through simulated work situations, announced the launch of the world’s first utility NFT, “Lovely Humans”, allowing users one-on-one time with global industry experts for five hours.
The winning bidder can use the time with the industry expert to gain work-related knowledge and advice, solve problems or even try to co-create a new project that can be monetized. The knowledge gained from the discussion can also be minted into a utility NFT that could be co-owned by the buyer and the industry expert. The first round of bidding will include a group of 25 experts from industries including Fintech, Metaverse, Sustainability, Data, and others.
GLEAC recently joined the Hub71 community, accessing its network of partners and investors, and benefiting from its business-friendly environment and strong talent base. This first of its kind use for NFTs builds on Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s ambitions to embrace innovative technologies and be at the forefront of exporting transformative concepts to the world.

Sallyann Della Casa, Founder of GLEAC, said: “We are proud to launch a unique patent-pending method that will disrupt the way we exchange knowledge, providing our users with on-demand peer-to-peer and peer-to-expert mentorship, and allowing them to thrive in the workplace.”
 Some of the experts that will be available during the first round include: 
●    Arvind Saraf (India) – Vice-President of Engineering at Drishti, a data manufacturing company. 
●    Lars Rottweiler (Germany) – Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mbanq, a Fintech banking company that operates banks for clients using SaaS technology. 
●    Nick Rosa (UK) – The Head of Metaverse Strategy Accenture Europe, advising some of the world’s biggest companies on their entry into the Metaverse. 
Starting 15 October 2022, users can bid on a Lovely Human NFT for a chance to spend time and be a part of a community of well-known leaders, human dynamos, and game changers. 
In the meantime, the exclusive whitelist to access the NFTS before going public is now open with a few fixed-priced NFTs only listed at $25k. The whitelist access will provide buyers with the opportunity to resell the artwork of the expert’s image, receive additional time with the expert in 2023, gain VIP access to a community group with the industry experts, the ability to tokenize and monetize the conversation with experts and collaborate with them on projects. 

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