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Exclusive: Interview with Aleem Shaikh, publisher & editor

The StartupBerita.com Editor & Publisher Dr.Tausif Malik spoke with Aleem Shaikh, publisher & editor HelloMumbaiNews.com HelloWomeniya.com and HelloIndia news.com, a renowned crime reporter with experience with leading newspapers and television channels.

Please give a small intro about yourself for our readers? (Education, Career & Family)

Aleem Shaikh: I am Mumbai based senior journalist having more than 20 years experience of Journalism.I have worked with Sahara Samay Mumbai News Channel,Zee News and Lemon News. Presently i am the founder of three News Portal

HelloMumbaiNews.com HelloWomeniya.com and HelloIndianews.com.

Hello Mumbai is a very popular news channel, what inspired you to start Hello Womania?

Aleem Shaikh: Yes,After the success of Hello Mumbai News i realized that there is no serious platform for women Entrepreneurs where they can share their ideas and views.If some how had but they don’t focus to Emerging and Aspiring Entrepreneur.With this good intention we launched HelloWomeniya.com during the pandemic.

Fortunately our this woman brand getting Much more popular among Indian women Entrepreneurs.From the day one woman from across India supporting us. 

During Women’s Day, you do a feature on Women Entrepreneurs and professionals, can you brief about this to our readers?

Aleem Shaikh: Last year we featured success stories of more than 118 women Entrepreneurs across India. After this success this year we are also featuring women Entrepreneur’s professional journey.

This we got registration from Kerala, Ahmadabad, Raipur and Kolkata too.

We are also focusing City based Entrepreneurs. We are single platform in India we directly approach to women Entrepreneurs.As if now more than,,1000 women Entrepreneurs featured in our platform.

What is the criteria for Women Entrepreneurs and professionals to be part of this Hello Womania Initiative?

Aleem Shaikh: Basically women should be founder of Startup it should be 3Year old.Let me clear we promote all categories such as Startup owners, Business Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneur etc.they should have strong background of Entrepreneurship etc.

Based on your experience of doing this feature for a few years, please give us insight how Women Entrepreneurs and professionals of India are doing?

Aleem Shaikh: They are doing fantastic as I realized in my startup journey Women are more active than man in every Networking event or seminars their numbers are increasing day by day.They are working more aggressively than their male counterparts.

Not only in Metro cities but in tier tier cities also. Exhibition is good Market for women Entrepreneurs 

What are the other initiatives Hello Mumbai and how it became so popular in such a short time?

Aleem Shaikh: You asked very interesting and Important questions

Being a local reporting experience in Mumbai I choose to provide local news, Live updates and social issues of people.our specialty is to generate unique content.

Google support us very well because of our content quality.

We are very focus about local news.

So we got a good position in Western India.our readers like our Breaking news format article.our SEO is very strong in Google search.

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