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86% of MENA region employees aim for remote jobs in 2023


According to studies, 86% of employees in the MENA region aim to do remote work in the coming year, a recent study has found. The statistic was shared by ALX at the Talent Track during the Startups Without Borders Summit 2023.

The summit, held last February in Cairo, was the 4th edition of the international flagship event by Startups Without Borders, which gathered +3000 startups, young professionals and students at Cairo Business Park.

Held under the theme “Go Borderless,” the summit offered an overview into the future world of startups, examining going borderless from a wide variety of angles, including Investment, Future technology, Impact and finally Talent. For which we partnered with ALX to host the Talent Track.

According to the company, recent studies stress on the importance of filling the increasing talent gap, since it is estimated that by 2030, the global market will face a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers. In addition, over 40% of job announcements in the past year were related to digitalization.

Mohamed Abd EL Moniem, General Manager of ALX & The ROOM Egypt, participated in a panel discussion titled: Mapping the Talents for the Future: Where can you find the skills every startup will need in 2030?, highlighting the importance of adapting to “new normal” when it comes to talent.

“At ALX, we believe that the key to building a thriving startup ecosystem is investing in the next generation of software engineers, tech leaders, and entrepreneurs in Africa. Our innovative programs provide young Africans with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to create successful startups and drive economic growth across the continent. Especially in Egypt, there is a lot of unfostered talent with bright minds, waiting for opportunities. We are proud to be part of the effort to build a brighter future for Africa, and we look forward to continuing to support the tech community in Egypt and beyond.”

The goal of ALX is aligned Startups without Borders, which is to create a new generation of agile digital leaders for the 21st century, providing them with an opportunity to build their careers in high-growth industries. This year, the company is launching in Egypt with 4 new Tech programmes in the most in-demand industries.

The Talent track brought together different stakeholders, from university students, to young professionals, and startups, as well as corporates and organizations working on bridging the gaps in talent acquisition. With ALX as the Talent Track partner, the summit took a deep dive into various panel discussions and workshops, as well as a very special Talent meetup.

ALX is the leading technology training provider that equips young Africans with both the technical and professional skills that enable them to thrive in the digital economy.

In line with the mission of Startups Without Borders of creating a more diverse startup landscape, Jordan Butler, Technical Pathfinder at The ROOM, highlights the importance of nurturing diversity in the workplace.

“During the summit, I got to share my experience and discuss how we can embrace newcomer talent for a more diverse workforce. The ROOM is a global consultancy with people working for it from all around the world, so we are fully aware of the importance of diversity and need for adaptation. I spoke about the importance of having inherited diversity and acquired diversity and how that can help a startup be ahead of the curve, innovate at a faster pace and explore quicker routes to success. It was great to see the growth and rising demand in Egypt,” he says.

Startups are increasingly facing Talent acquisition challenges with the ever changing landscape and skills, yet students, and young professionals are also lost in direction when it comes to building their careers, especially in the tech space.

To help boost this skills revolution and increasing Talent gap, ALX, a division of African Leadership International (ALI), has launched four new and accessible tech programmes for 2023, including: Data Analytics, Data Science, Salesforce Administrator, and Cloud Computing, in addition to new cohorts for its world-class Software Engineering programme. In partnership with Mastercard Foundation, ALX is able to offer eligible candidates access to these programmes at no cost.

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