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2023 U.S. Taiwan High-Tech Forum – Opportunities and Challenges in Electric Vehicles


North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association (NATEA) is thrilled to announce that the 26th annual US Taiwan High Tech Forum is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 4th at the Alexandria at San Carlos, San Carlos, CA. This year’s event will bring together a lineup of industry leaders to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges in the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs). Here is a glimpse of the distinguished speakers gracing the event.

John Heinlein, Chief Marketing Officer at Sonatus, will share the ambitious strategy of Sonatus in transitioning into software-defined electric vehicles. With his extensive experience, attendees can expect valuable insights into the future outlook of the EV industry. 

Simon Lee, Lead UX Designer at Lucid Motors, will explore the pivotal role of user experience in driving the adoption of electric vehicles. His talk will shed light on how intuitive user interfaces can help differentiate EV products in this ever competitive market. 

CY Yu, Propulsion Systems Control Manager at Archer Aviation, will share his inspiring journey managing an EV startup. Through his firsthand experiences, attendees will have a view into the challenges, triumphs, and perseverance required to establish a successful EV venture.

Joining virtually, Bill Lin, Senior AVP at Foxconn, will dissect Tesla’s “Master Plan Trilogy, which is an ambitious experiment in collaboration with Foxconn. His virtual presentation promises to be an engaging exploration of Tesla and Foxconn’s strategic vision and impact. 

Also joining the conference virtually, Colley Hwang, President of DIGITIMES, will discuss the influence of emerging technologies on Asia’s high-tech industries. His presentation will focus on the interconnectedness and future landscape of semiconductor technology, electric vehicles, and AI servers.

Attendees can look forward to engaging discussions, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers. The conference aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and foster collaboration within the EV and tech communities.

NATEA is the North America Taiwanese Engineering & Science Association, a non-profit and tax deductible professional organization founded in 1991. We empower our innovative leaders to broaden their impact by providing a forum for them to collaborate, share business insights, and promote the advancement of entrepreneurship within our community.

For detailed information on event schedule registration, please visit our website at: www.uthf.net


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