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Taiwan’s “NEXT BIG” startup Initiative strengthened by National Development Council (NDC) increased support.


The National Development Council (NDC) is committed to enhancing Taiwan’s global prominence in the startup ecosystem. Building upon the national startup brand “Startup Island TAIWAN,” the NDC is further advancing the “NEXT BIG” program. This initiative aims to identify and promote benchmark startups recommended by the startup community and industry leaders, symbolizing the spirit of trailblazers and inspiring the younger generation to embrace innovation.

Following the successful selection of nine NEXT BIG startups in 2021, the NDC is proud to announce the recommendation of 13 additional startups for this year. These startups represent various sectors.

They include:

  • Education Technology – AmazingTalker; Hahow
  • Smart Health – CuboAi; Health2Sync
  • AI Security and Trust Technology  – CyCraft; Gogolook
  • Social Media, Entertainment and Reservation Services – Dcard; FunNow; inline
  • Fintech – EUI 
  • B2B Software Services – GoFreight
  • Sustainable Energy Technology – NextDrive
  • Defense Aerospace Technology – Tron Future

These recommended startups will collaborate with Startup Island TAIWAN to infuse vitality and hope into Taiwan’s startup development.

NDC Minister, Kung Ming-Hsin, expressed that NEXT BIG not only serves as a national startup brand ambassador but also embodies the potential of different industries, much like the pivotal role TSMC plays in the semiconductor industry.  Taiwanese entrepreneurs have previously established a solid industrial foundation through their unwavering dedication, transforming Taiwan into an important partner in the global technology industry. To usher in a new chapter of industrial transformation, Taiwan must rely on more innovative startups. Through the NEXT BIG program, Taiwan’s exceptional startups are no longer solitary cases but a united force of trailblazers. The NDC will continue to cultivate a supportive environment for innovation-driven development, empowering Taiwanese businesses to shine on the global stage and become significant drivers of innovation worldwide.

The NDC further elaborated that NEXT BIG is a collaborative effort involving representatives from the startup community, industry leaders, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the National Science and Technology Council. Through a rigorous selection process, consensus discussions, and visits by the NDC, exemplary startups demonstrating the capacity to drive industry transformation and exhibit significant growth potential are chosen as NEXT BIG startups. The 13 recommended NEXT BIG startups cover important sectors such as education technology, smart health, defense aerospace, sustainable solutions, and digital economy. They are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • AmazingTalker: One of the top three global online tutoring platforms.
  • CuboAi: Asia-Pacific’s leading baby monitor brand powered by advanced AI technology.
  • CyCraft: A renowned cybersecurity company specializing in real-time AI Copilot forensics
  • Dcard: Taiwan’s largest next-generation social media platform
  • EUI: Fintech revolutionizing cross-border transaction services for Inclusive Financing
  • FunNow: The leading local lifestyle marketplace in Southeast Asia.
  • GoFreight: Redefining the operating system for freight forwarders through technology.
  • Gogolook: A global leader in trust technology solutions.
  • Hahow: Taiwan’s largest online course platform.
  • Health2Sync: Asia’s largest chronic disease management platform.
  • Inline: Restaurants across APAC engage with 100M unique customers annually using inline.
  • NextDrive: Driving net-zero sustainability for Taiwan and Japan’s leading companies.
  • Tron Future: Creating world’s first autonomous drone swarm defense system with satellite connectivity

These 13 benchmark startups have demonstrated excellence in innovation, market potential, and industry insight. They have established a strong foothold in Taiwan while actively expanding into international markets. Their diverse industry backgrounds and entrepreneurial concepts showcase the richness and vibrancy of Taiwan’s startup ecosystem. These startups not only serve as role models and a source of inspiration for the younger generation to embrace innovation but also act as ambassadors, representing Taiwan’s prowess in innovation on the international stage.

The NDC will continue to invite the NEXT BIG startups to collaborate with Startup Island TAIWAN, integrating resources to explore overseas business opportunities. Furthermore, Startup Island TAIWAN will serve as a unified voice, promoting the entrepreneurial stories and spirit of the NEXT BIG startups worldwide, attracting more international investment and cooperation opportunities. The NDC also encourages the business community and investors to pay attention to the NEXT BIG startups and provide them with more opportunities and resources. Startups possess innovative business models and significant market potential, making them crucial engines for Taiwan’s economic development. By supporting and investing in startups, we can collectively promote Taiwan’s industrial innovation and transformation, creating more success stories.

Startup Island TAIWAN, a national startup brand jointly created by the NDC and the startup communities, represents Taiwan’s determination to embark from being recognized as the “Startup Island” to attaining a prominent position on the global stage. Through the establishment of a cohesive brand identity and the collaboration of public and private sectors, we aim to showcase Taiwan’s innovation power and illuminate Taiwan’s innovative strength on the international stage. For more information, please follow the Startup Island TAIWAN website and social media.


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