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US Startup EV Fisker Set to Open First Delivery Center in China, Expanding Presence in Growing EV Market


Fisker, the US electric vehicle startup, is set to establish its inaugural delivery center in China later this year, announced a senior executive. Daniel Foa, a member of the California-based company’s China board, revealed that the Shanghai center will commence delivering the highly anticipated Fisker Ocean sport utility vehicle from the first quarter of the following year.

According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, new energy vehicle sales in China reached an impressive 6.9 million units in the previous year, accounting for approximately 61 percent of the global total. Recognizing the immense potential of the Chinese market, Fisker’s founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive, Henrik Fisker, along with the company’s top executives, recently visited China to explore potential collaborations in the automotive supply chain, logistics, warehousing, and future production development. Meetings were held with Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group, the developer of Shanghai Lingang’s industrial park, to discuss future partnerships.

Looking ahead, Fisker envisions establishing an electric vehicle manufacturing base in China. Henrik Fisker expressed confidence during the shareholders meeting that production could commence as early as next year, with an estimated capacity of producing 75,000 Fisker Ocean units annually. Fisker’s ambitions align with those of Lucid Motors, another prominent US-based EV manufacturer, which is also preparing to enter the Chinese market. However, entering China’s new energy vehicle market poses unique challenges as various domestic EV startups fiercely compete for market shares and established Chinese automakers strategically incorporate EVs into their business strategies and development plans.


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